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Congratulations on the adoption of your new Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue dog! We're so happy you decided to rescue this deserving pup and we're sure your new dog is thankful as well! You have helped stop the pet over population problem by adopting a dog that may have normally been euthanized in a shelter. Thank you for spaying and neutering your pets and continuing to help control the pet population!

 This is a very exciting time for you and your new family member. Many of the dogs have come from stressful times, coming from neglectful situations, dirty shelters and often long transports to get here. We have several suggestions and helpful resources to help your dog transition to his/her new home. They will also help you understand, train and learn about your new addition!


One great thing about adopting a rescue dog is the sense of community that is developed through the rescuing of these sweet animals! There are transport coordinators that love to see happy pictures of the pup they pulled out of a dismal shelter on their last day - and foster parents that like to keep up to date with puppies they've fostered as they grow up! So we encourage you and your new pup to send us updates about your newest addition and we'll post them on our


The world wide-web provides us with these fantastic tools to keep in touch and grow as a Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue Forever Family! So use the following tools to keep up to date with events happening with RMLR and send us updates in return!

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Click any of the links to join our groups and keep in touch with us!